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  • Interests in Honduras, western Cuba, Belize, Guatemala, and southeastern Mexico including the Yucatan peninsula, northern Chiapas, and Tabasco should monitor the progress of a tail end of a cold front moving into the region from the northwest, which will likely merge with the organizing tropical wave of low pressure incoming from the east such that an organized tropical disturbance is expected to emerge with the support of favorable upper-level winds that will keep surface pressures low. The disturbance that emerges is expected to be slow-moving, potentially resulting in long periods of heavy rainfall and flash flooding, with gusty winds increasingly likely on coastal areas as there is a higher chance of a tropical storm forming from this disturbance. The location of the heaviest rainfall and gusty winds will depend on the storm track, with a more southern track affecting Honduras, Belize, northern Guatemala, northern Chiapas, and Tabasco, and a more northern track affecting the Yucatan peninsula and western Cuba.

  • The Lesser Antilles will experience heavy rainfall from an active tropical wave of low pressure incoming from the east over the next 24 hours, however tropical cyclone formation is not expected due to unfavorable shearing upper-level winds. In 3 to 5 days, this tropical wave will reach more favorable upper-level winds featuring divergence and low shear such that some development is possible, with this tropical wave potentially affecting Jamaica and the Cayman Islands depending on the exact track it takes.

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