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The logo of this website is a satellite image of Hurricane Fran in September 1996 descending on the Carolinas. At the time I was 9 years old living in Raleigh, North Carolina, and what me and my family went through that September 5th evening was something I can never forget and got me curious about weather and hurricanes ever since. Although I am a Mechanical Engineer by trade, I did some university meteorology studies out of curiosity which helped me learn quiet a bit about weather and hurricanes. I decided to launch this site in September 2019 to share my detailed perspective on current activity in the Atlantic Ocean tropics, and to also upload content unique to this site to share how the weather and hurricanes work. I prefer to use basic language with my content so that anyone, meteorologist or not, can learn from this site.

  • While studying Mechanical Engineering at North Carolina State University (2005-2011), took meteorology classes to satisfy curiosity about weather and hurricanes.

  • In 2009, I began blogging on Weather Underground ( with my tag name of "NCHurricane2009."

  • Starting with the 2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season, my blog posts began to have charts with an overall satellite view of the Atlantic Ocean with markups, I called these "birdseye view" charts.

  • Starting in late September of 2019, I launched this site, with a home page featuring my unique daily "birdseye view" posts. I also plan to upload content on additional pages to explain the weather and hurricanes, in a detailed way but with simple terms that anyone sharing the same curiosity can understand.

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