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MY SPECIAL MESSAGES (SATURDAY JULY 13 2024 2:06 PM EDT)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • See the latest birdseye view post published below for information regarding current tropical activity in the Atlatnic basin.​​​​

  • As the author of, I have also been monitoring the progress of the worldwide progress of the COVID-19 virus. The COVID-19 page has not been updated over the last several months. The COVID-19 page will be updated with a final report on how the virus progressed over last few years.


Since 2012 on the now retired Weather Underground blogs, I have been posting annotated "birdseye view" charts of the Atlantic basin, with a detailed explanation and forecasting that references the chart. From there you may know me as "NCHurricane2009." While I now do these "birdseye view" posts here, I will continue to do comments at Yale Climate Connections via Disqus where the former Weather Underground community has moved to. Feel free to reply to me there, at my Disqus feed at this link, or via e-mail at 

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