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Since 2012 on the now retired Weather Underground blogs, I have been posting annotated "birdseye view" charts of the Atlantic basin, with a detailed explanation and forecasting that references the chart. From there you may know me as "NCHurricane2009." While I now do these "birdseye view" posts here, I will continue to do comments at Yale Climate Connections via Disqus where the former Weather Underground community has moved to. Feel free to reply to me there, at my Disqus feed at this link, or via e-mail at 

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*******Note that forecasts and outlooks in this post are NOT the official forecast from the National Hurricane Center (NHC). They are my own detailed views on the Atlantic tropics based on current observations and latest computer model runs. As such do not make decisions based on my posts...consult news and warnings from your local weather office...and any evacuation orders issued by local governments to make the most informed and best decisions. Visit the NHC website (hurricanes dot gov) for the latest watches/warnings and official forecasts on active tropical cyclones.**********

...SUNDAY AUGUST 22 2021 12:34 PM EDT...

Left: True-color satellite image of Tropical Storm Henri at 1521Z…Right: Satellite image taken at the same time but colorized infrared scheme

Radar image of Henri taken at 11:40 AM EDT:

Radar imagery reveals the center of Henri is hooking west in track on the north side of the steering upper vorticity in the region… the center has crossed southern Rhode Island and is moving into Connecticut. Maximum sustained winds near the center are 60 mph. Gusty winds have affected Massachusetts… Connecticut… Rhode Island… eastern Long Island New York… and southern New Hampshire… and will watch for these winds to spread west into western Long Island… southeast New York (including New York City metro area)… and southern Vermont.

The divergence zone of the upper vorticity has interacted with the moisture of Henri… and heavy rain with flash flooding potential now spreads as far west as eastern Maryland… New Jersey… and eastern Pennsylvania. The circulation of Henri is also producing heavy rains and flash flooding potential over Connecticut… Rhode Island… Massachusetts… and southeastern New York. Over the next day or so… will watch to see if the forecast remnants of Henri and upper vorticity spread the heavy rain into Vermont… New Hampshire… and Maine while shifting east.

Coastal sea swells will continue to be a concern on the east side of the circulation which is blowing wind toward the shore… which encompasses Connecticut to Maine and also Long Island when looking at the current forecast track that takes Henri west over the next hours.

Here is some of the latest National Weather Service station observations of wind (in mph):

**Barnstable MA (Cape Cod region)…sustained 16… gust 32 (8:56 AM EDT)

**Boston MA… sustained 23… gust 33 (now)

**Greenfield MA… sustained 13

**Newport RI… sustained 26 gust 43 (now)

**New London CT… sustained 31… gust 46 (now)

**Hartford CT… sustained 17… gust 31 (9:53


**Bridgeport CT… sustained 13… gust 29 (now)

**Stamford CT… sustained 14

**Montauk NY (East end of Long Island)… sustained 20… gust 35 (10:54 AM EDT)

**Islip NY (central Long Island)… sustained 21… gust 32 (10:56 AM EDT)

**New York City NY… sustained 6

**Peekskill NY… sustained 7

**Nashua NH… sustained 9… gust 21 (now)

**Concord NH… sustained 10… gust 26 (now)

**Keene NH… sustained 10 (now)

**Bennington VT… sustained 6 (now)

For more info on the rest of the Atlantic tropics… refer to post #87 available on the home page of this site.

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